6 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

There are so many benefits to being in a long-term relationship. You’re past that awkward stage where you’re both hiding your emotions and playing each other, trying to gauge the other person’s interest. You can be your true self around your partner, and there’s no need to shamefully hide away the less sexy parts of yourself. You finally feel comfortable!

But are you too comfortable?

The problem with many long-term relationships is that things start to get a bit same-y. All of a sudden, meals out in fancy restaurants have been replaced with silent munching in front of the TV. You don’t talk like you used to. You’ve slipped into a bit of a routine – and that includes your bedroom activity.

Remember when you first became a couple, and sex was exciting? Here’s a fact: you can bring that magic back to the bedroom, no matter how long you and your partner have been together for. Here are 6 sure ways to spice up your sex life today:

Stop going for the bed

We all do it, once we’re in a comfortable relationship: go straight for the bed, where it’s warm and you can hide your insecurities under the duvet. But newsflash! This isn’t going to keep sex interesting. Try a new location for once, like your desk chair, or your kitchen counter – anything.

Buy a sex toy (or three)

Sometimes, when it comes to sex, we just need a little help from the outside to make things more fun. Sex toys come in all different shapes and sizes – literally – so there’s something for everyone. Start within your comfort zone and move up from there.

Change location

Sex is more interesting when you’re switching everything up, so moving from your bed to your bedroom floor might not be enough for you. Try booking a romantic weekend away and scheduling in a long bedroom session for a much-needed change in location.

Experiment with bondage

Bondage isn’t as freaky-deaky as some people assume it is. You’d probably be surprised to learn just how much you enjoy the power play of bondage in the bedroom, so don’t knock it until you try it. Get searching online if you’re curious about your options.

Improve your bedroom confidence

This one’s easier said than done, we know, but loving yourself is the first step towards having the confidence to suggesting new things in the bedroom. Practice daily self-affirmations and give your body the credit it deserves.

Set the scene

If you’ve never really set the scene for sex, you’re missing out. Light a few candles, get out the oil, dim the lights, play romantic music, wear your sexiest lingerie… there are plenty of ways to get in the mood.