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Are you looking to explore your kinky side without burning a hole in your wallet? Bondage Top Sites can help you to find exactly the sorts of adult toys and gear you’re looking for.

Sex toys that are high in quality, fun and safe shouldn’t be so hard to come across. At Bondage Top Sites, we’re here to ensure that your journey to sexual discovery is as exciting – and, more importantly, as low-cost – as possible. We cater for every interest, from the new and curious to the lover of extreme bondage and BDSM. Stick around to take a look at what we have to offer.

What Are The Best Bondage Sex Toys Online?

It does not matter whether you have been enjoying the BDSM lifestyle for a while, or you are just interested in learning more, the following guide will list some of the best bondage sex toys online. The sex toys on this list are varied so you can find the ones that are within your comfort zone as well as those that pique your interest. From restraints to sex swings and accessories, take a look at some of the most erotic and sexiest bondage sex toys you can find online.

Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing 

These door swings are extremely durable. In fact, many of them can withstand up to 21st 6lbs. These swings are also very easy to use.

All you will need to do is throw the metal bars and the straps over the top of the door, and then make sure the door is closed securely. This helps to lock the swing in place.

After that, you and your partner can enjoy a night of multi-positioned adult fun, whilst hanging from the door the entire time. It is important to mention that it will take some good upper and lower body strength in order to use this door swing safely, but it does come equipped with foot straps and a padded seat.

This bondage sex toy is the best online seller because it can be set up as a permanent space and an alternative sex swing.

Spanking Bench 

This is one of the best bondage sex toys if you and your partner want to fulfill a naughty student fantasy. So, if they forgot to turn their homework in again, tell them to head to the bench!

Most of these spanking benches are designed with adjustable cuffs that can be used for bondage. This one of the best bondage toys for those who want to exert control and dominance.

These spanking benches can also be used for doggy style, and they have lots of padded foam for comfort. Dominance does not have to leave you with achy knees.

Fetish Fantasy Swing 

This is a sex swing that meets all of the boxes on the checklist when you are looking for swing that is free hanging and offers easy position sex. So, if you are into acrobatic sex, this is the swing for you.

This type of sex swing is supported by one metal bolt. This bolt has to fitted either into a doorframe or a ceiling beam. After that, you and your partner are free to recreate every Tomb Raider acrobatic scene you can (kinky style of course).

These swings bring new possibilities for oral and doggy style. Thrust and penetration can both be controlled, and you are not limited by what the floor or bed dictates.

Wedge/Ramp Combo 

This is an excellent bondage sex toy for beginners. This is a combination ramp and wedge that will allow you and your partner to try almost every imaginable position.

This combo is a step above the regular simple ramp, and it is designed for different types of play.

The wedge/ramp combo also helps to prevent muscle fatigue, backaches, and cramps during a hot and steamy session. With its height, there is also better access for penetration and oral. It is a wonderful toy that you and your partner should definitely try out.

Under Bed Restraints 

Not only is this an extremely kinky type of bondage sex toy, but it is also an ideal way to keep your naughtiness hidden from nosy onlookers. The only thing that you will need to do is push the restraints into the mattress when you have guests who are staying over.

This restraint system is very easy to use. The main part of the system stays under the mattress, whilst the four restraints are pulled out from the mattress and over the bedsheets.

It is a great system for those who are new to restraints and are looking to move up from Velcro cuffs. It is also flexible enough where you can venture into handcuffing, hog-ties and leg shackles if you are more comfortable.

Hot Tie And Cuff 

This is one of the bondage sex toys on this list that is neither a piece of furniture or requires furniture for installation. The only thing that you will need to do is tie your partner up anywhere you want to, but it is not recommended that you do so in a public place.

These sex toys are made from strong materials, and whilst they are not easy to escape from, you do not have to worry about them breaking on you and your partner.

Its star shape is actually deceiving once you discover all of the different ways that it can be used. The hog-tie is just one of the many possibilities. It is truly a versatile bondage sex toy.

Bondage Tape 

There are many people who prefer to use bondage tape as an agent that can be substituted for chains and straps. This tape does not stick to skin, it sticks to itself. This means that you will not need to be looking for wax at the last minute.

It is ideal for beginners who are interested in fetishes and soft bondage play. Whatever you use it for, there is one thing you can be sure of, you will never consider using sellotape again.

Nipple Teasers 

Nipple clamps do not feel quite like anything else and they certainly do look like nipple teasers. They are a great buy for beginners because they can adjust the tension level as they become more comfortable.

Once you or your partner feel comfortable enough, you can take the rubber off of the ends and let the metal squeeze the nipples harder. In other words, no matter what your intensity level is, nipple clamps will quickly send you over the edge.

Bondage can be great fun for two consenting adults. Dominance and submission are two of the oldest games in the sex book. If it worked for the ancient Greeks, then it can work for you and your partner too. Purchase one or more of the best bondage sex toys online when you and your partner are ready to take things to the next level.

What Is BDSM?

If you immediately feel yourself shying away at just the word “BDSM”, we don’t blame you. Aside from the slightly raunchy Rihanna tune, BDSM is more often than not kept out of the public limelight, reserved for porn sites and dodgy fetish forums only. Even Fifty Shades of Grey doesn’t tell the full story about what BDSM really is.

Actually, BDSM is something that we shouldn’t be afraid of, or worse, sneer about to our friends. It’s broken into three different categories: Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, and Sadism/Masochism (which makes “BDSM” make more sense). Those words can be a little intense for people who are new to BDSM, but it really is what an individual – or a couple – chooses to make of it.

You might think BDSM is all about pain and horror – and why would anyone want to subject themselves to that? Unsurprisingly, there’s more to BDSM than you might have read or seen. For a start, BDSM is all about connection. If you don’t have trust in your partner, you’re not going to handle the whole dominance/submission thing very well. There’s always control on both ends of the partnership, and there’s an understanding between the two on what is and what isn’t acceptable.

Another thing to remember is that the whole point of BDSM is to cause pleasure, not pain. A healthy BDSM couple will make it their aim to please the other person, and physical abuse that’s too intense or not consented is not what BDSM is all about. That’s why communication is so important in a BDSM relationship – and why so many BDSM couples are stronger because of their ability to open up and be vulnerable.

So, how do you get started with BDSM? It might be daunting to even think about right now. First communicate with your partner and see if the two of you are on the same page (remember consent is always imperative). If you’re not even familiar with sex toys, they might be a good place to start. Get used to power play by blindfolding your partner, or letting them blindfold you, and see where things go from there.

There are plenty of things you can buy online to encourage BDSM, including a whole host of bondage gear, which can really help you to get in the mood. Alternatively, you can go along way with role play and your own imaginations. BDSM is truly what you make of it.

6 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

There are so many benefits to being in a long-term relationship. You’re past that awkward stage where you’re both hiding your emotions and playing each other, trying to gauge the other person’s interest. You can be your true self around your partner, and there’s no need to shamefully hide away the less sexy parts of yourself. You finally feel comfortable!

But are you too comfortable?

The problem with many long-term relationships is that things start to get a bit same-y. All of a sudden, meals out in fancy restaurants have been replaced with silent munching in front of the TV. You don’t talk like you used to. You’ve slipped into a bit of a routine – and that includes your bedroom activity.

Remember when you first became a couple, and sex was exciting? Here’s a fact: you can bring that magic back to the bedroom, no matter how long you and your partner have been together for. Here are 6 sure ways to spice up your sex life today:

Stop going for the bed

We all do it, once we’re in a comfortable relationship: go straight for the bed, where it’s warm and you can hide your insecurities under the duvet. But newsflash! This isn’t going to keep sex interesting. Try a new location for once, like your desk chair, or your kitchen counter – anything.

Buy a sex toy (or three)

Sometimes, when it comes to sex, we just need a little help from the outside to make things more fun. Sex toys come in all different shapes and sizes – literally – so there’s something for everyone. Start within your comfort zone and move up from there.

Change location

Sex is more interesting when you’re switching everything up, so moving from your bed to your bedroom floor might not be enough for you. Try booking a romantic weekend away and scheduling in a long bedroom session for a much-needed change in location.

Experiment with bondage

Bondage isn’t as freaky-deaky as some people assume it is. You’d probably be surprised to learn just how much you enjoy the power play of bondage in the bedroom, so don’t knock it until you try it. Get searching online if you’re curious about your options.

Improve your bedroom confidence

This one’s easier said than done, we know, but loving yourself is the first step towards having the confidence to suggesting new things in the bedroom. Practice daily self-affirmations and give your body the credit it deserves.

Set the scene

If you’ve never really set the scene for sex, you’re missing out. Light a few candles, get out the oil, dim the lights, play romantic music, wear your sexiest lingerie… there are plenty of ways to get in the mood.

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